Team Rick Grimes – Walking Dead

FEB 24th 2015 UPDATE
New Rick shirt available. Check out my recent post here!


Well apparently this is copyright infringement to RedBubble. I took classes about this type of stuff in art school, and I’m pretty sure this is more along the lines of fanart than anything. I get fanart is in a class of its own on whether it belongs to the artist or not, however, I did draw out the “Rick,” and used a font that isn’t associated with The Walking Dead.

I’m also pretty sure there are more T-Shirt Designs on RedBubble that are more of a copyright infringement than the shirt I designed. So, hopefully I can get this back up, and if not, I’m going to have a talk with RedBubble because I honestly have no idea why my fanshirt is any different than the others.


Hey all! I made a simple, but sweet shirt to show my love for Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead! He doesn’t have as much merchandise as Daryl (whom I also love), so I’m on a quest to make some Rick merch! Check it out at RedBubble!

Team Rick Grimes - T-Shirt
Team Rick Grimes – T-Shirt


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