Win this Paper Mache Dragon! And support a great cause!

Hey all! I know I’ve been slow at posting, but I actually have been working on something using paper mache! Be patience with me and soon you’ll see what took so long! In the meantime, please think about donating to the Dragon Master Foundation! Follow the directions of this reblog and you can be entered in a chance to win this AWESOME dragon made by Gourmet Paper Mache!

Gourmet Paper Mache Blog

Hello everyone.  It is time.   It’s been a long wait, but I’m finally able to announce this opportunity to support a great cause, and to possibly win one of my dragons.   I made this dragon for the Dragon Master Foundation because it is a wonderful organization.   The people involved in this group are totally dedicated to the fight against cancer.  All the proceeds from this campaign will support cancer research.

So watch the video to see the Dragon Master Foundation dragon.   (Click the photo below) Then follow this link for details.  Buying more chances to win will also get you some great perks!  I have one of the T-shirts with the dragon on it.  I love it!

PLEASE share this link with your friends and family.  I very much want this campaign to succeed.  As I head into my Medicare years, I can’t tell you I can’t tell…

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